Downtown Parking Committee




Establish options to increase parking spaces in the downtown business core.


- Increase spaces to accommodate parking during peak visitor serving times, particularly on weekends and holidays.


- Keep visitor parking out of the residential areas surrounding the downtown business core.




l.  Provide additional parking spaces by adding a parking lane in the middle of North Ocean Avenue, E Street to Cayucos Avenue.


2.  Obtain acreage, or the use of acreage to add additional parking spaces. The Pollard property that faces B Street was specifically identified as a possible Site.  This option was favored by the parking committee.




There is no source of revenue to seriously address either of the above options!!




Establish a Parking Assessment District.



Establishes a funding base to allow negotiations with landowners and pay for costs related to the construction of parking improvements.


Would provide a mechanism for property owners to contribute in lieu funds when it is not possible to provide required parking.



It will be a challenge to convince downtown property owners, the chamber and other influential citizens that a parking assessment district is necessary and viable.


It will take time to establish a district, and if accomplished, time to establish adequate funds to address parking issues.