DOES Cayucos REALLY NEED THE extra 38-50 AF of water?

Cayucos has a very low record of water usage—WHY?



Before going on, an explanation is in order as to why Cayucos’ water usage is lower than the average since we continually heard this at almost every meeting.


Well, we Cayucans feel the reasons are quite obvious. 


We have a mild to cool climate           


The majority of homes have minimal gardening or NO yards


The lots are mostly covered by large footprint homes and landscaping is next to nil


It’s a community of older or retired people 


there are few, if any children in most of the households—and we all know children are large water consumers—showers, laundry, etc.


no sprinklers are running in hot months for children to play in to cool off—we have the entire ocean


Our Homes generally have no pools,


we are a community where many of the homes are second homes  so they are not occupied full time


and more than likely won’t be,  in that as a population gets older they prefer to be closer to medical facilities and we are still isolated. 


All these added up explains why water usage is and will remain low for Cayucos. 


Because much of the information presented became very questionable when diving into the numbers in the reports presented many discrepancies were revealed


Those discrepancies ultimately play a large part into accurately calculating the costs, . and if there currently is a realistic need for Cayucos.


The 600 AF allotment is sufficient for both its present and future needs, even with anticipated build-out over the next 25 years


Before any sound, logical decision can be made—the newly presented data should be thoroughly analyzed and be more aligned with all entities.  .  Therefore we would like to request a delay in CSA10A’s participation in Nacimiento Water for right now, and bring it back to the board in a month or so.