Citizens Advisory Council
P.O. Box 781
Cayucos, CA 93430

Committees 2013-2015

     Arley Robinson, chair. Members: Larry Fishman, Roland Hutchinson
     CCAC Bylaws 2009
CSA 10A Advisory
      Arley Robinson, chair. Members: Paul Choucalas, Carol Baptiste, John Carsel
     Low water use
     CSA 10A report
     Link to the New CSA10A Water Storage Tank Siting Study
      (WARNING: 100 pages in pdf and depending upon your internet connection speed will take a few minutes to download.)
Community Design
     Carol Chubb, chair. Members: Francie Farinet, William Shea, Dave Dabritz, Steve Geil, Arley Robinson
Land Use
      Marie Jaqua, chair. Members: Paul Choucalas, Steve Beightler, Carol Baptiste, Gil Ingleheart     

Estero and Cayucos Planning Standards- 6mb PDF file may take some download time on slow connections
Page 7-76 is the start of the Los Osos section, and that picture of Tract 1078 is the last page in the Cayucos section. I've included the introduction to the Planning Area Standards section and the area-wide standards, as they provide some good information and there are the RMF and RSF outside of Small Scale Neighborhood sections refer back to the area-wide standards. Paul Sittig Planner - Coastal Team

Public Safety
     DeAnne Harland, chair, Members: Arley Robinson, Francie Farinet
Recreational Planning
     Greg Bettencourt,chair. Members: Roland Hutchinson, Bill Shea, Paul Choucalas
     Dave Dabritz, chair. Members: DeAnne Harland, Carol Chubb, Francie Farinet
Ad Hoc Traffic on Ocean Ave.
      Paul Choucalas, Steven Beightler
Ad Hoc July 4th
    William Shea, Greg Bettencourt, Co-Chairs, Members: Paul Choucalas, Sandy Ford, Francie Farinet, Maria Jaqua, Arley Robinson

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