CSA 10A Advisory Committee



Meeting,  5:00 pm Wednesday, July 27th


Attendence,      CCAC; Ed & Marry Ann Carnegie, John Carsel, Arley Robinson

                        PWD SLO: Courtney Howard, Dean Benedix, Doug Bird


1.         The Hold on issuing Will-Serve-Letters (WSL)has been removed, (result of the activity of the citizens of CSA 10A).  Two year plan for WSL is moving forward.  A target of 40 over the next years ( 20 per year) has been issued on the existing water list.


2.         Results of survey:  127 letters were sent out.

1.      If water were available now for all properties in CSA 10A, you anticipate developing your property in: ( 75 responded to this question, 59%)

                                        #      Responding        Total

0 to 5 years                     44        59%                 35%

6 to 10 years                   22        29%                 17%

11 to 15 years                   5          7%                   4%

more than 20 years           4          5%                   3%

did not answer                52                                41%


This indicates to date that most of the people that plan on building in the near future will be able to build with the water that we now have.  This is equivalent to about 2 to 2.5% building rate which is in agreement with the Growth Management Plan.  Clarification on the following items needs to be verified; number on each of the water list, how many water list exists, Gilbert Ave. and the URL, outstanding will serve letters, the revised Excel cost spread sheet, why is a questionable peek value being used to predict the future water use.


2.      Would you consider VOLUNTARILY paying the non-refundable, one-time $6,600 supplemental water connection fee* in the near future if a CSA 10A prepayment program can be established while assuring that water will be available when you are ready to develop your property, ( on this question 84 responded out of the 127 letter sent out).

                                        #      Responding        Total

Yes                                 51        60%                 40%

No                                  33        40%                 26%

did not answer                43                                34%

* The total current water service connection fee for CSA 10A is $8,100.  $1,500 is to cover system infrastructure and $6,600 for supplemental water costs.  If a prepayment program for the supplemental water portion could be established, you would lock in this portion of the fee and the remaining infrastructure portion would be collected for the existing fee at the time of connection.


3.         Nacimiento participation

Current status,    691 meters

                             28 will serve

                           186 vacant lots

                             50 non-build-able

                           851 total future connections

If we keep 10% of the available water in reserve, ( 190 19 = 171 AFY) and divide by the total connections, 851, that would be 0.20 AFY/lot.  We currently use 0.18 AFY/lot and have for the last 14 years.  Another way to look at the use is to take the total connections, 851 times the use, 0.18 AFY/lot which is 153.2 AFY. Add 10% 15.3 for a total demand of 168.5 AFY, which is 88% of the allocated water. Looking at the survey above, 56 vacant lots did not respond or will not need water for more than 20 years.  These 56 vacant lots will not use 10 AFY of water which would mean that we will have a surplus of 31 AFY for the next 20 plus years.


4.      Infrastructure improvements: Plans are moving ahead on improvements, which will require an additional storage tank.  Engineering alternatives will be analyzed to establish where the additional tank should be located.  Input will be accepted from the CSA 10A Advisory Committee.  Hydraulic study needs to be updated using existing pipe sizes or pipe sizes that are planned to be changed in the near future.